Your teachers can see everything you do!

While you're using your iPad, your teachers can see everything you do and block you appropriately. Luckily, there's a very simple solution to this problem! It hardly requires any technical experience and the process of setting it up is very simple.

Why should I use this?

Good question! Well, there are numerous reasons to use this. Your teachers can do more than what they told you. The employees of the CGIE (The iPad managers and administrators) have FULL ACCESS to your local filesystem! Teachers can use the management system to restrict certain apps on your iPad, like everything that's not related to school. Apart from this huge security issue, there are plenty of other reasons why you could make good use of our system:

How do I set this up?

Step 1: Open the settings app.

Step 2: Go to the WiFi tab. Then, you click on the little "I" next to the connected Wi-Fi network.


Step 3: Scroll down to the "Configure DNS" section and set it to "manual".


Step 4: Delete the current enabled servers by pressing on the (-)

Step 5: Click on the (+) and add a new server with the following address:


Now you need to restart your iPad in order to apply the changes. Please note that you will have to repeat this for every network you connect to, and that whenever you connect to a non-modified network, the iPad will update the restrictions and apply them!!!

(Optional) To check whether the procedure was successful, open in your browser the url If this website is being displayed, it was successful otherwise go back and check if you followed the steps above correctly.

What you should know

We have insider knowledge about certain parts and routines concerning teachers as well as the CGIE. We took screenshots from the teacher app. You can have a look at them yourself. For obvious reasons, we don't publish everything we know, because that would give the CGIE a certain advantage. But here are a few things we can tell you:

Here is some advice:

Support us!

We are experimenting with different distribution methods, but the best method is still telling your friends or your class about it. We designed a summarizing flyer with the most important information on it. You can download it here.

What else?

At the moment we are looking into multiple solutions if the DNS method gets patched, so we won't mention them here. However, if you get caught, we recommend you to buy your own iPad which doesn't have any restrictions on it.


Daf├╝r stehe ich mit meinem Namen!